Tickets $30, $36, $50


This event is row seating only.
All seating is assigned. 

We have two ful bars open for drinks and food concession service will be available.
Doors, Bar and Concession open at 6:00. Show begins at 7pm.

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Quite Simply: “The World’s Greatest Touring Laser Show.”

This show ROCKS!” – Howard Stern

The Laser Spectacular captures the essence of Dark Side of the Moon”– Alan Parsons

This is NOT your fathers laser show – Daniel Joseph Monistere


“In its 30th year of successful touring, Paramount’s LaserSpectacular has become a cult classic, presenting the music of Pink Floyd like you’ve never seen it before. Surrounded by 10,000 watts of concert quality sound, Pink Floyd’s musical legacy continues as the bands concept music carries listeners away on a mind-expanding journey driven by cutting edge effects. Colorful lasers and state-of-the-art lighting parallel the sonic journey as the senses are confronted with an array of glowing visual displays.

The two-hour LaserSpectacular features Pink Floyd’s ”Dark Side Of The Moon”,  with the second half featuring The Best of Pink Floyd (including “The Wall”)!       

  It’s all the excitement of a live concert – with multi-screen video projection and state-of-the-art laser and lighting technology, 3-D imagery & animation, huge inflatables, all choreographed to the greatest band of all-time. This show has been enjoyed by audiences worldwide.”


ABOUT:   While the Brooklyn heavy metal band Blue Oyster Cult were the first to introduce the use of lasers into a rock concert setting during the late 1970s, it was Pink Floyd who evolved lasers from a nifty parlor trick to an art form unto itself.
Since Steve Monistere first began producing his “Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular” in 1986, the demand and the audience has steadily grown larger, to the point where the show now performs outside of the U.S.

“About ten years prior [to me doing this], a few planetariums around the country –– one in New York and the Griffin Observatory in Los Angeles among them –– had been experimenting with doing 15-20 minute laser shows using the music of Pink Floyd,” recalled Monistere.  “Those were good shows, even though they were small productions. People came out every weekend, so they were on to something. I took the laid back [planetarium] concept and produced it up into a bigger theater-style rock show.  We gave it a shot in a few markets and it worked”.  
“Technology has improved tremendously over the last 30 years and we’ve updated and changed the show accordingly,” he continued.  “ The show changes a little bit each year to keep it fresh, but then about every three to four years, it goes through a total revamping.

Out of an audience of say 1,000 people, Monistere estimates half are older than age 24 with twenty percent of those older than 35.  The rest range between 15 and 24.   “While we do generally get a young crowd, this is the kind of show where you see a 15-year-old sitting next to a 50-year-old and both of them are enjoying the experience they are sharing. This is one of the few shows that you will ever see that sort of thing happen”.

The Laser Spectacular has become a rite of passage for any young rock n’ roller. You are not “Rock Certified” until you have witnessed The Worlds Greatest Touring Laser Show – The Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular!