Technical Specifications


The Suffolk Theater  is a 2 story live music/theater venue that offers flexible seating configurations from 300-900 seats. The venue has a full kitchen & two full service bars -  a main level bar and our art deco bar located on the second level which overlooks beautiful downtown Riverhead with a view of the Peconic River.


Suffolk Theater has fully integrated, Acoustical, Audio, Video, Lighting, Rigging and Control systems.  The main theatre systems include a 64 x 24 channel AVID mixing system, 8 channels of Sennheiser wireless mics, 8 stage wedge monitors on 6 independent mixes, a 4 channel Clear-Com Icom System, full stage management and dressing room systems with paging and ICOM.  The stage offers a 6 foot Steinway Grand Piano, a substantial microphone collection including the Earthworks Piano Mic system, assorted dynamic and condenser mics, direct boxes etc.


The speaker systems are custom designed DB Vio Speaker System along with a full surround sound system for effects and video.  The speaker system is fully time aligned and laser focused utilizing state of the art system alignment and calibration.  Video includes a Digital Projection system featuring full 1080p, Video onto the 28' wide (21' View) motorized screen.  Lighting includes an ETC ION console with an assortment of moving and fixed instruments located on 2 trusses and 2 side tormentor positions.  Overall system control via Crestron with Crestron Digital media locations on stage and at FOH.



Main Systems

  • FOH Console: 64 Input, 24 output, AVID VENUE SC 48 with Clear com and night vision feed.
  • Main Speakers:  Smith Audio with dual-subs and time aligned over and under Balcony systems.
  • Surround sound system consists of 10 wall mounted mini arrays located throughout the theater fed via console matrix.
  • Amplifiers: 40 Channels of Amplification by Crown, for mains, delays, surrounds and monitors
  • Speaker Management, Processing and Signal Distribution via 36 x 20 Symetrix Radius system
  • Wedges:  8 Worx Audio floor wedges on 5 discreet mixes.
  • Stage Management:  4 Channel Clear Com, Backstage paging.
  • Control via Crestron Touch Panel.



  • 8 channels of Sennheiser Wireless Hand held and over ear pack type with countryman headsets.
  • wide assortment of Shure, AKG, Sennheiser, condenser and dynamic mics.
  • Earthworks Piano Mic system
  • Assorted Direct boxes


Lighting and Rigging

  • Lighting Console: ETC ION, located at FOH position with clear com.
  • 48 dimming Channels
  • 8 Elation Platinum Spot 5R
  • 40 Fixed Lights
  • Follow Spot fully sound isolated in Stage manager Booth with Clear Com
  • Type: Dual pigtails for LED & Conventional 
  • FOH Truss: 55' Long - 12'x12' Black- Dead Hang
  • STAGE Truss: 30' Long - 12'x12' Black - Dead Hang
  • Rear Cyclorama 32'W x 25'H CYC Digital White
  • Front Full Traveler Main Curtain
  • Upstage Traveler 32'W x 25'H Black



  • Digital Projection High-lite Cine 660 (1080P) native 8,000 lumen 3chip Cine Projector
  • Screen - Custom Designed 26' x 19' (23' x 11'x9" view) Motorized with full 16:9 or 4:3 aspect
  • Cyclorama 28' x 18'
  • Controlled via Crestron Touch Panel


Stage Details

  • Dimensions: 30'W x 16'D Hardwood
  • Stage height 44 / 8-4x4 platforms
  • Stage Left Wing: 6'D x 6'W
  • Stage Right Wing: 6'D x 6'W
  • Case Storage: Side Stage
  • Available risers: qty: 2 - 8'x8' riser
  • Available risers: qty: 4 - 4'x4' riser


Dressing Rooms

  • Dressing Room/Green Room has two private restrooms, one  with a shower located directly back stage left on ground level.
  • Dressing/Green room can accommodate 10-12 people.  Lighted Make-up Mirror.


Load in & Parking

  • Load-in: Cars, vans, bob-tail trucks, semi's and buses w/trailers load-in to be advanced with Production prior to show.
  • Parking must be advanced with the production manager prior to show.


Production Items

  • Both floors (2) of the space offers flexible seating. (ie: Tables & chairs,  GA or theater style, must be decided upon contract engagement.
  • There is a "no flash photography policy".
  • No Pyrotechnics are permitted.
  • All soft goods must be approved 2 weeks in advance by the Riverhead Fire Dept.
  • All video taping requests must be advanced with Suffolk Theater at least 3 days in advance. A release or contract must be signed for any video-taping. Any video production must be cleared in advance through the Production Manager.
  • All photographers and members of the press must obtain clearance from our Production Department.
  • All guest-lists are due by 4pm the day of the show.
  • Suffolk Theater requires that current stage and lighting plots, input lists, Backline and Hospitality Riders be provided directly to the Production Office in advance of the show day.
  • Backline availability per advance with Production Manager


The Suffolk Theater is located on Historic Main Street in Riverhead. 

There is parking on Main Street but please see our map as it defines all entrances and parking facilities.


Questions? Just call us. 631-727-4343

Production Director:  Melissa Procopio